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30W-600W Industrial LED Flood Light 

WAVE Series 

Wave series Industrial LED floodlight is ideal for both industrial and commercial application, offering significant energy saving over discharge light fittings. Its unique design of curve profile at the back housing makes excellent heat dissipation and modern elegancy. Another particular design is electrical disconnector putting inside-that is never seen in high quality outdoor led flood lights-gives more safety and easy maintenance ! 

  • IP65

  • Innovative design 

  • MeanWell/Philips driver 

  • Corrosion Proof 

  • Fully die casting aluminum housing with excellent thermal management 

  • High lumen :130lm/W

  • Multi power options: 30W/40W/50W/60W/80W/100W/150W/200W/250W/300W/400W/500W/600W

  • Warranty Time: 3-5 years

industrial_led_flood_lights_wave_glass l

One-Piece Full Glass Lens

  • One-Piece full glass lens makes higher light transmittance ,no discoloration for 10 years, keep longer lifetime than PC lens​;

  • Beam angle 30º/60º/90º/120º, type I,II,III,IV,V ;

  • Toughened glass

Curve Heat Sink

  • WAVE has curve profile at the back for superior heat dispersion through its mass and to assist convection of air from below that carries outside.

  • Its design is also quite modern and beautiful in high-quality floodlights .


Equipped With Circuit Breaker

  • Innovative solution to add circuit breaker in control gear .
    The advantages is : When the lid is opened , the power is automatically cut . So it is very convenient and more safe for electrician to operate when
    the electricity is on.

  • Terminal connector is on the tray.Easy connection for you .

Multi Function : Turn into Street Light In A Second

This WAVE floodlight supplies multi function ,it can be used as floodlight ,and street light as well ! 

  • As Led flood light fixtures : It can be stood on the ground , or installed on the wall ;

  • As Led street light fixtures :there can be horizontal or vertical installation with adjustable bracket .

wave_flood_light_horizontal installation
wave_flood_light_horizontal installation
wave_flood_light_vertical installation_2
wave_flood_light_vertical installation.j

Technical Parameters


Own Private Die Casting Mould 

  • Private Unique mould help you easier to be a standout among competitors.

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