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Separated Type Solar LED Street Light with panel

SUNT Series 

Electrical Characteristics 

  • 40W/90W available  

  • Solar panel: 5V/32W, 5V/50W

  • Battery: 3.2V/25AH, 3.2V/40AH

  • System Light Efficiency: 130lm/w 

  • The control mode: Light control + time control (The default 8+1 hrs)

  • Rainy Backup Days: 3 Days

  • Warranty time : 3 years 

Mechanical Characteristics 

  • Die-casting aluminum housing

  • silicon poly crystalline high-efficiency solar modules

  • Solar panel could be rotated 360° horizontally and 240° vertically,which allow to absorb maximum sunshine.

  • automatic light control and time control

  • Equipped with Philips Luxeon 3030 2d


Customized Solar Panel & Driver 

Our basic solution is 40W (actual power 12W) and 90W(actual power 15W) with one small mini panel ,but it can be customized upon your request .The panel size can be larger and driver can be replaced with higher power too . 


Flexible Rotation Of Solar Panel

  • Solar panel could be rotated 360° horizontally and 240° at maximum.

  • This split design adjusts the best angle where it is able to absorb maximum sunshine. When the panel get enough sunlight, it will work longer hours at night.

Technical Parameters

SUNT-40W (40pcs Led)
SUNT-90W (90pcs Led)

Optical Characteristics 

Photometric files are available upon your request .

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