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160W 230W Solarium Tanning Ballast 

If you are a manufacturer of tanning beds or solarium devices , you must know the importance of a good tanning bed . Typically electrical in operation, tanning bed ballasts help to reduce the amount of energy flowing through the lamps.

While most units will use electronic ballasts or magnetic ballasts, but higher power over 100W ,usually a magnetic ballast is superior both in its performance and cost .The main difference between the two is that electronic ballasts use a steady stream of electrical current to create even outputs of light at the right level whereas a choke ballast may have more flickering overall.

In order to ensure the light to give sufficient enough UV lighting and brightness during tanning , a magnetic ballast itself power efficiency reaching 90% above, play a good helper. While an electronic ballast at such high power (e.g. 160w,230w)if to reach same current and steady control stream , it is rarely found in the market and if customized ,be several times more expensive . 

That's why , we recommend you to use magnetic ballasts , ours is this type .


230w_solarium_tanning_bed_ballast .jpg


  • Main voltage/frequency : 220V,230V,240V/50Hz,60Hz

  • Power : 160W,230W(225W)

  • Suitable Light Source:Tanning fluorescent UV tube  

  • High ballast efficiency for maximum light output;

  • Low operating temperatures,minimum temperature rise.

  •  Thermal rating of tw 130 ℃;

  • 100% copper coil 

  • High-Speed punched silicon steel sheet ,Low energy loss;

  • We use vacuum dipping lacquer for the ballast so that normally the ballast has noiseless operation;

  • Screw Type Terminal block VDE /ROHS approval;

  • Dimension(WxH):66x53mm



THE story

We have keeping supplied over 100,000pcs special tanning bed magnetic ballast 160W and 230W for years.

No defectiveness has been found !

Customers from Europe and USA placed repeated orders to  us given our superior quality and service.

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Over Ten Years Of Manufacturing And Exporting Experiences 

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